construction worker receiving medical attention

If you are employed in the processing end of workers compensation you already know that workers comp management software can simplify processing, but, what you may not know is that there are alternatives in some states to traditional state workers compensation programs.
Understanding the alternatives is important. Health care administration software may not give you the option for alternative information regarding workers compensation which may be troublesome for billing.

Every State But Texas
Every state in the United States is required to be enrolled in some sort of workers protection plan. In Texas, employers are not required to carry workers compensation insurance but they do have to file reports to show that they can cover costs associated with injuries. Unfortunately, some healthcare claims processing software can be limited as to how you process the claim.

In some states the need to carry this type of insurance is reliant on the number of employees in the organization. Some states the requirement is one or more, in other states the requirement is three or more.
Many agricultural businesses, charities, and some construction businesses are exempt from having to secure coverage. It largely depends on the state that the claim originates from, and the specific laws in that state.

Some states recently passed laws in the last few years that allow small business owners with less than 5 employees to choose occupational insurance instead of the more costly compensation coverage. It is always a good idea to ask what type of compensation coverage is being used.

The Push for Alternatives
There has been a push to provide business owners with more alternatives for worker’s compensation but the laws have been slow coming. If you have workers compensation claims software that can grow with the changes then you are in great shape.

If you do not have workers compensation claims software that can expand with the new alternatives that are coming about then you will need to do something about that. Keeping an accurate workers compensation database starts with having the right workers compensation claims software on board.

A big chunk of the $250 billion a year it costs to process healthcare claims every year goes to processing workers compensation claims. Having the right workers compensation claims software can help to cut back on costs for your enterprise.