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When looking for full-time employment, most employees are looking for some degree of health insurance as part of their benefits. This makes it valuable for employers to at least offer some basic plans for employee health care, but what about dental insurance? Does having a dental network provider improve your company, or is dental insurance something you can go without when planning for health insurance and healthcare?

Improving Employee Health

One of the functions of providing healthcare insurance to employees is helping to protect the business’s interests. After all, employees must stay in good health in order to come to work. Because of this, many jobs offer health insurance at some level. However, dental health is also an incredibly important part of routine day-to-day wellness. Without dental insurance, employees could be more likely to miss work. Lacking dental insurance makes it harder to stay up to date on preventive care, allowing more serious dental health issues to develop.

Employees Rely On Dental Plans

Most employees expect their employers to offer some degree of dental health insurance, as evidenced by how frequently employees use workplace backed insurance. In fact, about 90% of Americans with private dental coverage get their benefits through an employer or another group program. With such high rates of usage, larger employers should be prepared to offer dental insurance plans. Certain innovative claims solutions such as dental insurance software can help employers stay ready.

Software Makes Dental Insurance Managable

Managing a wide variety of healthcare claims can be taxing on any HR department. Between workers compensation and standard healthcare claims, adding dental can seem like a chore. However, it doesn’t have to be – using the right claims administration software and healthcare administration software allows for faster processing. These types of insurance software can also help with dental insurance claims processing, meaning it adds little stress to a business to also handle dental insurance.

While adding dental insurance might not always seem vital, it can make a world of difference to keeping employees healthy. Managing dental claims is easier than ever with modern-day insurance software; to learn more or to find what insurance software options are right for you, contact WLT Software today.