Empowering Through Technology

By using WLT Software solutions, performance-driven companies can gain noticeable advantages toward proactive benefit administration and worker’s compensation tasks. Our automated processes translate into tangible cost efficiencies.


Powerful Advantages

  • Efficient Benefit Administration

    WLT Software is renowned for benefit plan management solutions. Our wide array of management features include administration of medical, vision, dental, disability, life, premium billing, and much more.

  • Solid Customer Support

    Your clients will be thrilled with your new-found efficiency. Simplify your service workflows and engagement.

  • Cost Containment

    Our software solutions help achieve high auto-adjudication rates and decrease risks of paying claims incorrectly, through the automation of complex benefit configurations and accurate payment calculations.

  • Top-Industry Scalability

    Through four decades, we’ve supported large corporations as well as smaller TPAs. WLT Software’s suite of solutions ensures each entity’s needs are met efficiently and properly.

Industry-Leading Solutions | Robust & Customizable

Explore our systems

  • MediClaims

    Cost-effective, straightforward, and efficient solutions for benefits and claims administration.

  • CompClaims

    Efficiently track and pay workers’ compensation claims.

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