The Power of Connection

WLT’s MediConnX web portal provides patients, payers, employers, providers, and brokers with on-demand access to the data and services they need, allowing for dynamic automation of Enrollment, Member Registration, Call Tracking, and much more.

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Mobile and desktop compatible

With MediConnX you can:


Reduce customer service costs by lowering call center workload


Provide a communications tool to link you, your employers, members, PBMs, Stop Loss Carriers, Providers, and Brokers, for such items as ID card requests, enrollment, family status changes, secure messaging, and more


Send and receive secure messages, including attachments


Make on-demand reports available to administrative and employer users who have been granted access


Distribute information to a large audience with the integrated announcement feature

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MediConnX Advantage

To fully see how our system can help you save time, reduce cost, and increase your operations’ compliance, please share your contact information and we will schedule a confidential demo session.