We Aim To Serve Your Company’s Unique Needs

WLT’s success has been built not only on its technological expertise in systems development, but also on the consistency of quality support our service team provides to our Clients. WLT’s Customer Services team is dedicated to working with our Clients through support and solutions. Our ability to handle situations in a proactive, efficient and timely manner is unmatched in our industry.

WLT has helped Clients, both domestically and internationally, implement claims processing and benefit solutions for their plan members since 1979. We do not focus on specific niche industries, but rather Clients who seek to take control over the cost and effectiveness of benefits administration.

WLT takes a personal approach to servicing your organization. Our goals will always seek to match your corporate targets. It is our aim to appropriately support the corporate culture of your organization and its associates. By working closely with you, we get to know you better, ensuring that you and your members will be satisfied with the solutions offered as well as with our level of service.

Consult With Our Team Of Experts

In addition to hands-on training, WLT offers consulting services to assist our Clients with system configuration and optimization. WLT’s subject matter experts guide Clients through building plans, defining workflows, and implementing processes for administering benefits using our software solutions. Our analysts are highly skilled at evaluating and implementing our Clients’ business requirements.

  • System Configuration and Optimization

    Whether you are a brand-new WLT user or a returning Client, WLT’s configuration experts can help you set up and streamline your processes. A configuration specialist will work with you to learn your individual needs and requirements and consult with you on the best configuration options to maximize utilization of our systems, implement auto-adjudication, or simply increase auto-adjudication rates.

  • Plan Building

    Our experienced plan builders can help you with setting up new plans or tweaking existing plans in order to take advantage of system automation capabilities and to improve the accuracy of benefit payments.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

    WLT also offers assistance with building ad hoc reports through database queries, using Microsoft® Office products and other business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Crystal Reports. We help you turn your data into useful information for review and analysis.

Implementing Your Ideal Systems

WLT has a structured implementation and project management methodology that is designed to put our software solutions into operation effectively in organizations of any size. We perform various analyses to assess your current technical state and business needs, while identifying and addressing both technical and organizational challenges, in order to ensure successful implementations every single time.

At the basis of any successful system implementation is a solid planning methodology to guarantee a successful execution. Our methodology is based on years of experience in refining and improving processes and procedures, which constitute project management best practices for software systems implementation.

We consult with your team to create a customized plan that identifies your needs and establishes the appropriate time line, implementation, training, and support requirements.

Empowering Your Team’s Performance

Our Clients’ success reflects the value they receive from our training, and in turn, the information they acquire improves workforce performance within each organization. Through a team-focused approach with our Clients, WLT training professionals learn about our Clients’ specific needs and implement customized training programs for optimal output.

After the initial system training, WLT offers additional training opportunities throughout the year. Every year, breakout training sessions are offered during our annual Client Conference. These training sessions are designed to target specific areas of the systems, as well as highlight recent enhancements and other supplemental products and services WLT offers.

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