Experience Unparalleled Service

WLT’s success has been built not only on its technological expertise in systems development but also on the quality support our service team provides to our clients. WLT’s in-house Client Services team is comprised of industry-trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle every situation in a proactive, efficient, and timely manner that is unparalleled in our industry.

Our in-house Client Services team

Taking a Personal Approach to Servicing Your Organization

At WLT Software, It is our aim to appropriately support the corporate culture of your organization and its associates while matching your corporate targets. By working closely with you, we place a primary focus on getting to know your organization better, ensuring that you and your members will be satisfied with the solutions offered, as well as with our level of service.


One-on-one live agent support


Account management with industry-specific expertise


Active participation and partnership in client success


Continuing education on product development and enhancements


Continuous process improvement initiatives to enhance service and solution offerings

Client testimonials

Why our services matter.


Doug, COO

“We have been with WLT since 2005 and came over from a competitive software vendor. Due to our particular business model in the 14 years that we have been with WLT, we have also intersected with several other claims administration systems, sometimes running alongside. Without a doubt, WLT has been the most user-friendly and the most responsive when we have a problem or special request. The other systems route you to a help desk, open up a ticket, and then responses are received from anonymous sources. We like the fact that we can pick up the phone and speak with a person at WLT, and our problem is either fixed right away or shortly after. So WLT is our favorite system.”

Group 156


Easily set up and streamline your processes with the help of WLT’s configuration experts.

WLT’s subject matter experts guide clients through building plans, defining workflows, and implementing processes for administering benefits using our software solutions. Our analysts are highly skilled at evaluating our clients’ business requirements.

System Configuration and Optimization

Whether you are a brand-new WLT user or a returning client, WLT’s configuration experts can help you set up and streamline your processes. A configuration specialist will work with you to learn your individual needs and requirements and consult with you on the best configuration options to maximize utilization of our systems, implement auto-adjudication, or simply increase auto-adjudication rates.

Group 158


Implement your ideal system with WLT’s structured methodology, no matter your organization’s size.

Our implementation methodology is based on over 40 years of experience in refining and improving our procedures. We create a customized plan that identifies your needs and establishes the appropriate timeline, deployment option, training, and support requirements. We bring the methodologies and tools, but we tailor our services to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Our systems have two deployment options available, either on-site installation or as a hosted (Cloud-Based) solution, making them the most flexible systems available for your organization.

Project Planning

Central to any system implementation is the planning effort involved to guarantee successful execution. We perform various analyses to assess your current technical state and business needs, and help to identify and address both technical and organizational challenges before implementation.

Data Conversion and Migration

If the implementation project includes migrating data from a legacy system, WLT will oversee the migration by providing hands-on service. We will personally analyze your data files, consult with your team, and even write conversion programs as needed.

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Work in partnership with WLT’s Client Service team to create programs that optimize your output.

While training will be personalized according to your needs, a five-day training is recommended at the processing location prior to the system launch, followed by smaller online training sessions held weekly throughout the implementation cycle. In addition to our trainers, our implementation specialists are available for consulting throughout the process. Need a refresher after system launch? Additional training, at our location or yours, is available any time you need it.