WLT Partners with upswing health expanding availability of support for MSK patients - dr talking to patient

WLT Software Enterprises Partners with Upswing Health to Expand Availability of Support for Patients with Musculoskeletal Ailments

WLT Software Enterprises, Inc., a developer of custom benefits and claims administration software solutions, announces its partnership with Upswing Health, a surgeon-founded musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare innovator.

For more than four decades, WLT Software has been a leading provider of benefits administration, claims processing, workers’ compensation, and consumer-driven healthcare solutions. WLT’s core systems, CompClaims and MediClaims, were developed with the understanding that every organization has its own unique needs and requirements. Through this partnership, WLT aims to strengthen its mission as a leading provider of steadfast service and adaptive solutions.

WLT Software is excited to partner with Upswing Health to provide additional value to our clients with their unique services, lowering their Plan’s responsibility for costly claims and giving employers’ employees a unique way to receive healthcare from the comfort of their own homes,” said Shelley Van Etten, President and CEO at WLT Software Enterprises, Inc.

Upswing will be embedded in WLT’s technology infrastructure and made available to WLT’s network of over 65 Third Party Administrators (TPA) nationwide, as the partnership aims to deliver care to patients with MSK conditions through a delivery model that can reduce costs by up to 40%. The partnership is regarded by both companies as an opportunity to significantly enhance and impact the delivery of value-based care for MSK patients.

“TPAs suddenly find themselves in a unique position of serving as the ‘source of truth’ for their employer clients, responsible for procuring specific health services,” said Yenvy Truong, Upswing Health’s CEO. “Upswing has earned a reputation for our commitment to working with TPAs and their employers to reduce variation in cost and quality.”

One in three Americans experience an MSK condition each year at an annual estimated cost of $400 billion. For many employers and plan sponsors, MSK is the number one tier of healthcare spend. Most of these patients suffer from low-to-medium acuity problems that Upswing can potentially resolve with its virtual platform. Using a combination of coaches, sophisticated technology and orthopedic specialists, Upswing helps MSK patients resolve many of their conditions at home. WLT’s partnership with Upswing allows streamlined access to reduced costs and high-quality care for members who need it most.


About WLT Software Enterprises:

WLT Software Enterprises, Inc., is a leading provider of advanced benefits administration and claims adjudication systems for Insurance Companies, Government Employee Plans, TPAs and Self-Administered Groups. With corporate offices in Clearwater, FL, WLT’s core systems include CompClaims and MediClaims. Core system capabilities encompass a range of benefit and claim types, from Work Comp to full Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug to FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Disability and HMO Capitation. To learn more visit www.wltsoftware.com.


About Upswing Health:

Upswing Health is a healthcare company, founded by orthopedic surgeons, created to solve the waste and inefficiency of America’s multi-billion-dollar crisis in MSK care with a radical re-reinvention of the delivery system – for individuals and employers. The company replaces the current model, which forces the injured to struggle through more time-consuming and costly choices for their care. Upswing’s digital platform replaces that broken system with a better way, using a proprietary diagnostic tool that sends patients to a health coach first as the virtual front-door to MSK care. This is sufficient for as many as 80% of all cases; those who need more sophisticated care are rapidly triaged. Patients stay in Upswing’s ecosystem for the entirety of their journey – from prevention to diagnosis and recovery. For more information on Upswing Health, please visit: www.UpswingHealth.com.



Name: Shelley Van Etten, CEO

Email: svanetten@wltsoftware.com

Phone: (727) 282-1315


Partner Contact:

Name: Yenvy Truong, CEO

Email: yenvy@upswinghealth.com

Phone: (786) 683-9422