Stronger Together: How WLT Supports Mental Health Care Equity and Access Through Universal Solutions and Strategic Partnerships

The ConnXion Volume 02, Issue 4

As we recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to highlight the pivotal role that healthcare technology plays in promoting mental health equity and access. At WLT Software, we are dedicated to supporting mental health through our advanced claims and benefits solutions and strategic partnerships. By leveraging our innovative technology and collaborating with key partners, we empower TPAs and employer groups to proactively engage with members and ensure they receive seamless access to the mental health care they need.

Proactive Engagement through Data-Driven Solutions

WLT Software’s robust platforms allow TPAs and employer groups to efficiently scrub and analyze claims data, making it easy to identify mental health cases. This detailed scrutiny enables TPAs to refer members to nurse case managers proactively, ensuring timely intervention and support. With additional system and partnership capabilities that allow for sorting of information by diagnosis, procedure, point of service, and provider type, TPAs and employer groups are provided with a comprehensive view of member health, facilitating early and ongoing identification of mental health needs.

Enhancing Mental Health Care through Strategic Partnerships

Zakipoint Health: Advanced Analytics for Better Outcomes

Zakipoint Health, an industry leader in population health management services and analytics, collaborates with WLT to introduce the zAnalytics platform. This advanced analytics solution is designed to drive cost savings and improve healthcare outcomes, particularly in mental health care.

Key highlights of the zAnalytics platform include:

  • Advanced Member Data Analytics through zNavigator: Offers a 360-degree view of member data with an intuitive dashboard, enabling predictive analytics that drive member-level actions. This comprehensive view helps identify members who may be struggling with mental health issues and need targeted interventions.
  • Predictive Modeling for Cost Forecasting and Containment: Access to claims data allows case managers to identify high-cost procedures, frequent visits, and future healthcare costs, enabling early interventions and preventing costly hospitalizations or complications. This predictive capability is crucial for managing mental health conditions before they escalate.

TALON: Transparency and Cost Reduction in Healthcare

Through our partnership with TALON, WLT Software equips members with the tools to shop for low-cost, high-quality care, reducing out-of-pocket expenses when seeking mental health care. WLT’s MediConnX 360™ portal uses TALON’s MyMedicalShopper™ tool, which incentivizes and rewards plan members for actively reducing costs, aligning with the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act. This comprehensive suite of software services ensures that all healthcare stakeholders are protected from overpaying for care.

  • Price Transparency:  MyMedicalShopper™ provides clear, transparent pricing for mental health services, helping members make informed decisions about their care.
  • Cost Reduction: By offering tools to compare costs and quality, TALON empowers members to find affordable mental health services without compromising on quality.
  • Incentives for Savings: Members are incentivized to choose cost-effective options, ensuring they receive necessary care while managing expenses efficiently.

Recuro Health: Integrated Digital Health Solutions

Our collaboration with Recuro Health enhances access to virtual mental health services. Recuro Health’s Digital Medical Home™ facilitates easy connectivity to behavioral health services through telehealth. This integrated digital health solution provides members with access to primary and urgent care, at-home lab testing, genomics testing, and a suite of supplemental benefits, all on one platform. Recuro’s holistic and proactive approach ensures that members receive access to personalized and comprehensive mental health care.

  • Telehealth Access: Recuro’s platform enables members to access mental health services from the comfort of their homes, breaking down barriers to care.
  • Comprehensive Care: The Digital Medical Home™ integrates various health services, ensuring members receive coordinated and continuous mental health care.
  • Personalized Approach: Recuro’s proactive care model tailors mental health services to individual needs, improving outcomes and member satisfaction.

ChoiceScripts: Best-in-Class Pharmacy Benefits Management

Our partnership with ChoiceScripts ensures that WLT members receive access to top-tier drug pricing and a high-touch service model. ChoiceScripts offers tailored plan designs and concierge service, improving cost management, quality outcomes, and member satisfaction. Here’s how ChoiceScripts enhances mental health equity and access:

  • Best-in-Class Drug Pricing: ChoiceScripts secures competitive pricing for mental health medications, making essential treatments more affordable for members.
  • High-Touch Service Model: Personalized support helps members navigate their pharmacy benefits, ensuring they receive the right medications without unnecessary delays or complications.
  • Cutting-Edge Data Analytics: By analyzing prescription data, ChoiceScripts identifies trends and gaps in medication adherence, enabling TPAs to intervene and support members effectively.


At WLT Software, we are committed to supporting mental health equity and access through our advanced technology solutions and strategic partnerships. By enabling TPAs and employer groups to proactively engage with members and providing access to best-in-class services through our partners, we strive to make mental health care more accessible and affordable for all. As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, we reaffirm our dedication to improving mental health outcomes and ensuring equitable access to care for everyone, and we also fully support employer groups and health plan members by ensuring that mental health benefits are easy to understand and use, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes and overall well-being.

For more information about how WLT Software supports mental health equity and access, contact us today.