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Supporting Men’s Health Awareness with Early Detection and Preventive Care

June is recognized as Men’s Health Month to raise awareness about the health issues that affect men. Men face unique health challenges and are often less likely than women to seek medical care. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men die an average of five years earlier than women and have higher mortality rates for most leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injuries. Additionally, men are less likely to visit a doctor for regular check-ups and preventive care. By focusing on early detection and preventive measures, we can help bridge this gap and improve health outcomes for men.

At WLT Software, we are committed to supporting men’s health through our advanced technology solutions and strategic partnerships. We empower healthcare providers and administrators to promote early detection and preventive measures, ultimately improving health outcomes for men.

Common Preventable Illnesses in Men

Men are often at higher risk for certain preventable illnesses due to lifestyle factors and a tendency to delay seeking medical care. Some of the most common preventable illnesses in men include:

  • Cardiovascular Disease: Leading cause of death among men, often preventable through lifestyle changes and early detection of risk factors such as hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • Prostate Cancer: Early screening and regular check-ups can significantly improve outcomes.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Preventable through diet, exercise, and regular monitoring of blood glucose levels.
  • Respiratory Diseases: Smoking cessation and early detection of lung diseases (COPD, asthma, lung cancer) can prevent severe outcomes.
  • Depression and Mental Health Issues: Often underdiagnosed in men, but early intervention and support can improve quality of life.

Read on to learn how WLT’s platforms and partnerships enable clients and members to utilize advanced resources that can help them identify and prevent health risks early.

Virtual Health and Preventive Care

Our partnership with Recuro Health provides members with easy access to virtual health services, facilitating early detection and preventive care. Recuro Health’s Virtual-First Care platform offers:

  • Virtual Primary and Urgent Care: Accessible virtual care for early detection and treatment of common health issues.
  • Behavioral Health Services: Support for mental health, an often-overlooked aspect of men’s health.
  • At-Home Lab Testing and Genomics Testing: Convenient testing options that promote proactive health management.
  • Comprehensive Care Management: Integrated care solutions that ensure members receive timely and appropriate interventions.

Recuro Health’s integrated digital health solutions provide a holistic approach to men’s health, making it easier for men to access the care they need without the barriers of traditional healthcare settings. The availability of virtual care and at-home testing encourages men to engage in preventive health measures and seek early treatment for any health concerns, ultimately improving their long-term health outcomes.

Improving Sleep Health

Quality sleep is crucial for overall health, and our partnership with SleepScore Labs highlights our commitment to enhancing sleep health for our members. SleepScore Labs brings:

  • Extensive Sleep Data: Over 400 million hours of sleep data, providing insights into sleep patterns and solutions.
  • Scientific Research: More than 230 sleep intervention studies and 60 publications in scientific journals.
  • API Platform: Enables integration of sleep insights into health and wellness programs, helping members improve sleep quality and overall well-being.

By incorporating sleep health into our offerings, we recognize the significant impact that sleep has on men’s health. Poor sleep is linked to various health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental health problems. By providing tools and resources to improve sleep quality, we help men achieve better health outcomes and enhance their overall quality of life.

Advanced Data Analytics for Early Detection

Zakipoint Health, a leader in population health management services and analytics, provides TPAs and health plans with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize health outcomes and support proactive healthcare management, Through Zakipoint Health’s zAnalytics platform, our clients receive access to the resources they need to uncover critical insights that can significantly impact patient outcomes, including:

  • Advanced Member Data Analytics through zNavigator
  • Predictive Modeling for Cost Forecasting and Containment

Look out for our upcoming blog, Empowering Healthcare Outcomes with Advanced Analytics, to learn how our partnership with Zakipoint Health empowers businesses and their members.


By focusing on preventive measures and early detection, we can help reduce the prevalence of preventable illnesses in men. By pairing our administrative capabilities with the expertise of our partners, including those mentioned in this blog, as well as additional partnerships covering everything from pricing transparency to pharmacy benefits, we provide comprehensive support that addresses the unique health needs of men. This Men’s Health Month, we reaffirm our commitment to improving health outcomes for men and ensuring they have access to the resources and care they need.

For more information about how WLT Software supports men’s health, contact us today.