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Diving into the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs

The ConnXion – Volume 1, Issue 6 The world of healthcare can be unpredictable and ever-changing, with plans and programs in constant flux. However, one thing does seem to remain a steady constant—prescription drug prices will, one way or another, continue to rise higher and higher. Most importantly, prescription drugs continue to become less and…

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3 Healthcare Trends to Look Forward To In 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed a set of unique challenges for the healthcare industry such as an increased number of…

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The Rise Of Gen-Z Professionals And Their Valuation Of Healthcare

As the years have gone by, the newest generation of young adults has risen into the hiring spotlight. Known as…

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Benefits Of A Truly Paperless Healthcare Industry

Modern technological developments have shown a tremendous focus on optimization and efficiency. The healthcare industry is no exception to this…

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Healthcare Payers Still Support Care Access Amidst Natural Disasters

The wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged every area of the healthcare industry. For example, aside from hospitals…

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Single-Payer Healthcare: No Major Shifts In Public Opinion Amidst The Pandemic

United States healthcare professionals continue to evaluate the various ways of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these methods…

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American Seniors: Prime Segment For Both Pandemic Risk And Patient Servicing

As the United States government and medical professionals scope out the manifold effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one troubling concern…

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