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Diving into the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs

The ConnXion – Volume 1, Issue 6 The world of healthcare can be unpredictable and ever-changing, with plans and programs in constant flux. However, one thing does seem to remain a steady constant—prescription drug prices will, one way or another, continue to rise higher and higher. Most importantly, prescription drugs continue to become less and…

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Price Comparison Tools: What You Need to Know

The ConnXion – VOLUME 01, ISSUE 01 In late 2020, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Transparency in…

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WLT Software Announces Partnership with Recuro Health, Expands Benefits and Claims Administrative Software Portfolio with Personalized Health Virtual Care Solutions

Clearwater, FL – December 6, 2022 — WLT Software Enterprises, Inc., a developer of custom benefits and claims administration software…

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Modern Healthcare Requires A Wider Flexibility Of Services

With modern systems and industries, both professionals and consumers are always paying close attention to what and where processes can…

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Improving and Maintaining Your Health Can Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

Any standard workplace, if not properly maintained, can be one of the most dangerous areas for employees. This danger is…

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Mobile Applications and Big Data are Already Revolutionizing the Healthcare Facilities

Technology is reshaping almost every part of our lives. The way we work, relax, learn, and so much more is…

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New Trends That May Transform the Dental Industry for Good

With around 90% of US citizens with private dental coverage receiving their dental benefits via their employer or another dental program, it…

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